Whatever fills our Sundays fills our hearts throughout the week.

Our Tuesday morning Men’s group, “The White Horse Stable,” has been working through Michael Horton’s book Ordinary.  In chapter 9 the topic is how God works to sanctify and grow believers in faith.  As part of this study, Horton addresses the right view of the Lord’s Day.  Here is an excerpt from that section.

Setting aside the ordinary callings and pastimes of the week, our calling on the Lord’s Day is to share, together with our coheirs, in the powers of the age to come.  It is not by simply emptying the day with a list of rules, but by filling it with treasure hunting, that the Christian Sabbath orients us, our families, and our fellow saints to our heavenly citizenship.  However, everyone around you sees it as the ideal day for a trip to the mall, sports, and other entertainments.  Whatever fills our sundays fills our hearts throughout the week.  The Lord’s Day is not a prison but a palace.  It is a wonderful gift to turn off the devices that interrupt our daily schedules and to push our roots down into the fertile soil that produces trees in God’s garden.  It is a delight to set aside our normal associations with friends and co-workers–even non-Christian family members– in order to commiserate with fellow heirs of the kingdom concerning the news we’ve heard about the age to come.


In light of this, how precious is the Lord’s Day to you and your family?

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